The time for soup is now!

Now that Autumn is definitely in the air and the days are getting colder, I get a yearning for soup!

This year, after following the recommendation of several people who came to visit me for treatments, I have bought myself a soup maker.

It has revolutionised my life!  It is so simple and easy to use – it looks a bit like a big kettle – but it is a miracle worker 🙂

I chop up any left over veg – some of it looking distinctly tired! – ferreting around in the drawers at the bottom of my fridge for things lurking out of sight – things that have seen better days 🙂  Chuck it all in – add some liquid – water, stock, tin of tomatoes, some coconut milk – whatever is lying around – turn it on and in 20 minutes later I have homemade soup!!

I know what is in it, it is cheap – and it soothes any guilt I have about not managing to eat the veg when it was fresh – I have good intentions – but that doesn’t always translate into action!

And now we are learning more about how our bodies actually absorb more nutrients from cooked veg – we can enjoy homemade soup with a grin on our faces – not only does it taste good – it does us good – and warms us from the inside 🙂

If you haven’t already got a soup maker – go on treat yourself – you won’t regret it! 🙂


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