Do I treat men?

I am often asked if I treat men. I am also occasionally rebuked for NOT treating men – which seems very harsh – because I do 🙂

About a third of the people I see are men – and I always have a sense of admiration when a man books a treatment. I hope I won’t offend,  if I say that woman are better at booking appointments to go to the doctor!  Men either have an aversion to seeing their GP,  or a level of stoicism ( sometimes seen as stubbornness) , that women – generally speaking – do not share.

So when a man books in with me – to have – let’s face it – a rather intimate treatment  – and a treatment that was almost designed to form the butt of a multitude of jokes ( see what I did there ? 🙂 )

when a man contacts me for a colonic then he immediately gets a gold star from me – just for making that first contact – it’s a big thing!

So, if you were wondering, YES! I treat men 🙂  Men will always be welcome – and remember to stand tall as you walk through my clinic door – you are one of a special elite 🙂

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