What I hope to get out of my colonic

This month I have been asking people what they hope to get out of their treatment with me. Many of the answers are similar and the odd one stands out…so I thought I would post a list of them – if only to show that – if you are not happy with your digestive system – then you are not alone 🙂


“Just thought I’d try it and see what happens…clear out toxins”


“Rejig my system”


“A clean bowel, I know I eat the wrong things”


“Just wanted to have a go and see what it is like…I want to be clean…I want to have more energy”


“To feel cleaner inside ….if it helped reduce wind my family would appreciate it!”


“To rejuvenate my gut!”


“Just to feel more comfortable”


“Greater bowel health and a good clear out!”


“Any kind of improvement in bloating…I just feel so uncomfortable”


“I’d like to get rid of the bloating and the wind – just have a more settled tummy”


“I’ve always wanted to have it done…to be cleaned, reset….a starting point to eat properly – to take care of myself”


“I’m hoping to feel less bungled up, more comfortable”


“To see if my back pain is linked to my bowels, get some movement going – a fresh start”


“A bit of a clear out, more regularity, ease the painful wind”


“Clear out, fresh start, start eating healthily”


“I’d like a reset – clear out 40 years of cake, steak and red wine so I can start again”


“Hopefully some regularity in my movements”


“Clean out, reset….Just to feel cleaner”


“Just to feel not so bloated and healthier”


“To clean me out, boost this cleansing process – support my detox”


“Just start afresh – this is a turning point – from now on I’m eating better!”


“This is the first step of doing something for myself, to make myself feel better – I just always feel full, sick and bloated”


“Just to feel different! To trigger my bowel into functioning better”


“A cleaner bowel, to start afresh, to feel good – lighter”


“Clean slate!”


“Hoping it might help a bit with the gas and stuff – and clear me out a bit!”


“To feel better, and be more regular”


“I’m hoping it will help my back, bowels, and liver function”


“Boost my immune system”


“To support the anti-candida programme I’m on”


“To be not so constipated – hopefully it will revive me!”


“I’m hoping to get an insight I to hope it all works – I have a very inquisitive nature”


“Unbloatedness, and an incentive to eat better!”


“To not be in pain”



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