I like being tired…

I found this rather fabulous quote from Anthony de Mello:

“Most people are asleep.

They are born asleep, they live asleep,

they marry in their sleep,

they breed children in their sleep,

and they die in their sleep –

all without ever waking up.

They never understand the loveliness and

the beauty of this thing

that we call human existence.”


Now I believe I know what he is getting at, but personally, I am becoming a great fan of being tired…

…because what I am finding is this:

When I was tired yesterday I only had enough energy to do a very few things – and, because my tiredness was so palpable, instead of my mind racing off, “and you need to do this and this, and what about ___?   Oh my goodness just look at ___ ! That REALLY needs sorting!” etc etc

Instead of this,  the inside of my head was groaning, “I can’t do ANYTHING!” and then just flobberding about (yes, that is my own invented word – good isn’t it?)

And then, starting from the “I can’t do ANYTHING” position, I instead thought there are just a few things that I really NEED to do – but can I cut a few of them out? Maybe leave for another day?

And so yesterday:

I washed those sheets – definitely not a “put off for another day” job!

I watered my plant pots – a full week looming – this was my one chance – it had been a hot weekend – I couldn’t bear the sight of wilting brown  instead of verdant green – my lawn is an absolute mess, the front of my house looks like a bomb has hit it due to the joys of cavity wall insulation – but my pots will be magnificent and save the day!

I wrote my blog…

I went for a walk with Tom in the sunshine

Watched telly

And I heated up left over Waitrose ready meal curry three times: breakfast, lunch and dinner…


And that was IT!


So it would seem that a liver flush not only stills my mind…

But on a more serious note…we are continuously having rammed down our throats that what we need is positive thinking, we need to do more (consume more), take action, follow our dream etc etc

Personally I am becoming a fan of doing less, saying “no” more often – and I’m starting with the internal workings of my head … I was getting depressed yesterday about the deterioration of my body now I’m in my fifties – and bits of me are starting to creak on occasion… maybe it is all part of a fabulous plan to help me say no more often and only do the things that I can’t bear not to do rather than those I think I ought to… perhaps saying no is vital to “having the best time“…

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