So happy to be here – in Yorkshire :)

My posts are mostly to do with the gut and the digestive system – but this morning this is just me, on a sunny morning, saying, “Hello Yorkshire!”

When I first set up my first colonic clinic, back in Norfolk  – I wrote a “Welcome” blog post –   and here I am, 8 years, and thousands of colonics later, setting up a new clinic here in Thornhill Edge.

My therapy business in Norfolk was called The Garden Room as my first therapy was massage, and my massage treatment room was in an extended room on the side of my house looking over the garden.

This time round my treatment room again overlooks my garden but, in order to make sure my clients feel completely safe and secure during a treatment we have “obscured” the widows and installed blinds.

I have found that, because of the nature of my business, that my concern for my clients safety and comfort is paramount.    When I originally trained I chose the most in-depth training  ( N.C.C.H.),   and the most rigorous professional body  with the highest professional standards   (A.R.C.H.).

As part of belonging to A.R.C.H. I have to undertake 30 hours of ongoing training every year.    This year as part of that training,  I am going to a day down in London to watch a body being dissected and then get to see – and maybe touch! – the digestive system.   I am all booked in for Tuesday 16th May – I will no doubt do a blog post about it once I’ve been 🙂

So, that’s me, I moved to Yorkshire in November last year – just in time for the birth of my first grandchild.   I am a doting grandma, my little chap is just 15 minutes away – and once his mum goes back to work I get him for a day a week – can’t wait!

And…I am a colon hydrotherapist, I love meeting people, I love the practical nature of my work – helping people be healthy; helping people’s digestive systems work better; helping people lead fuller, happier, more comfortable lives.

Although I now chose to focus on my colonic work, I have a wealth of experience in helping people find more peace with their thoughts – I have run a mediation group, offered sessions in Byron Katie’s The Work, and Brandon Bays’ The Journey – so I know  how stress can take over our lives – AND how stress can adversely affect our digestion.

I am very aware that – with the internet being so central in people’s lives – and people being so busy – that many, many people are getting rich,  or trying to get rich,  by selling supplements and probiotics and claiming to transform people’s health if they just buy this or that…

Health is a very complex thing, each person is unique, each person faces different physical and emotional challenges each day, each hour  –  these challenges change our biochemistry, our physiology – minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.   As we age things change.    All these things need taking into account.

So my plea is – don’t spend money on supplements: some new miracle cure for IBS; a new enzyme that is guaranteed to give you more energy – there is some very enticing marketing out there!

Instead, come and spend time – a proper amount of time – my sessions are usually one and a half to two hours – and let me get to know you,  and your body,  and see if we can pool what we know to help you be a healthier happier you 🙂

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