Digesting my thoughts – happy thoughts – happy colon – going on holiday…

This morning I was supposed to be going on holiday – I still am going on holiday – just a few hours later than I thought.

And there you have it – I thought I was going on holiday  about 8.30am – holidays definitely have started once one has left the house..

But it turned out that I had made this up – along with every other thought I ever have.


And so, ever mindful of “happy thoughts – happy colon” – I saw what other thoughts I was about to make up once it became apparent that the holiday was not as imminent as I had thought ( yes, thought)


So I could go with the “this happens EVERY TIME!!!!” thought – lots of drama, lots of emotion – lots of adrenaline, lots of cortisol, lots of stress…. unhappy colon…

I could go with “oooooh it was going to be so lovely we were going to …” thought

Or the “I KNEW this would happen” thought

The “If only I were in charge of the world,  everything would run like clockwork” thought


Instead I chose “ooooooh, so if he’s going to be out of the way for the next few hours I could get everything ready and do all the extra little bits and bobs I really wanted to do but didn’t think I was going to have time”  thought 🙂


And I had time to listen to this wonderful YouTube video whilst I was going the washing up –

click here      …. and, of course, write this blog post 🙂

In case you need me….back from holiday ready to resume work on Saturday morning – 13th May 🙂

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