Are Colonics a Key to Weight Loss?

So many people come to me either on a weight loss programme, or about to embark on one.

Some people find that as they cut down on portion size their food intake just doesn’t have the bulk it used to – and this results in constipation. Colonics can help to perk up a stagnant bowel and clear out matter that has built up.

Sometimes a single colonic will be enough to restore healthy functioning, but if not, I can suggest natural ways of keeping the colon moving without adding to calorie intake!

When I first started treating people with colonics I always shied away from any link between colonics and weight loss – and it is still true that just having a colonic will not make you lose weight in itself, but, over time, the feedback I have received has convinced me that colonics do have a contribution to make…


Colonic irrigation – the key to weight loss?

Many people come to me hoping that colonic irrigation may help them to lose weight… the question I am often asked is: “Will it help me lose weight?”

This is a tricky one to answer! I think it is a bit like my understanding of using hypnotherapy to stop smoking: if you go to a hypnotherapist because you want someone else to magically make something better, without you having to do anything, then it will be doomed to fail…

But…if you go to a hypnotherapy session with the committed intention that this is where, finally, you give up for good – and the treatment is the point where years of addiction stops … then the treatment is likely to succeed … though a sceptic could quibble that actually you’d already made your mind up and the hypnotherapy had nothing to do with it…

For me, colonic irrigation is a tool that can be used to aid weight loss – it has obvious benefits for those people who choose to lose weight with a meal replacement programme like “LighterLife” and end up struggling with constipation – which is one of the frequent side effects of meal replacement products. In this situation colonics can be invaluable to help things keep moving!

I have also had people who wanted a colonic so they could get into a particular dress on a particular evening… or because they were being weighed that night at a slimming club… I am a great believer in people’s right to choose, and that we learn from making mistakes – but I make it clear that they are unlikely to get the magical result they hope for!

So, “Will it help me lose weight?” I would say that if – like the committed non-smoker to be – you have come to a point where you want to take real responsibility for eating differently, having a different relationship with food and with you body, then colonic irrigation can be quite extraordinary!

Though it leaves the question – did it make a difference? Or had you already done the “internal work” through making that shift in your thinking and behaviour before arriving for your colonic session?

I believe colonics make a difference – though – in this age of accountability and litigation – I need to stress that it is just my personal belief!

I believe colonics help in these particular ways:

They help the gut to function better by re-balancing gut flora and improving transit time.

They help to rid the body of built up toxins in the bowel, thus reducing the work of the liver – which for many people – leads to improved energy levels.

And, they give people a psychological boost:

For some people this is sense of starting with “a clean slate” – having rid their body of old debris built up from bad eating habits, this is where it all changes – from this moment forth they will love and cherish their body – taking care what they put in their mouths!

For others it can have a more emotional, spiritual feel – letting go of baggage, issues that have dogged them – cleansed on many levels!

And for those people who get a psychological and physical boost from colonics they have a “double whammy” to work with: more energy; a healthier, better functioning digestive system; and an emotional sense of well being.

So… if you feel that you are ready to approach weight loss as an adult – knowing that no one can do it for you, you’ll have good days and bad days – but that as you make this choice – day by day – you’ll feel physically and emotionally SO much better… and… you want to see if colonics can help you along this path … you know where to find me…!

Good luck!

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