The day after the lists stopped…

So yesterday … and in order to understand this post you need to have read  The Day the Lists Stopped …  I had the most wonderful day – I did housework, a treatment, some gardening, had a couple of phone calls with family and watched lots of telly – and had an absolutely great time 🙂

And I guarantee you that – in the days of the “To Do” list – I would have had a much less enjoyable day – and would gone to bed exhausted.


“List me” would have spent the whole day consumed by thoughts of my business going down the tubes  ( only ONE treatment in the diary!!! Arrrrggghhhh!!!)   – I would have felt guilty about having lots of free time whilst my partner and children were all working –

EXCEPT THAT – and this is the bonkers bit – I actually would have had NO free time – because once I had woken up and looked at my diary – I would then have gone straight to my “To Do” list and spent the whole day running around like a headless chicken trying to do the impossible.

But for everything I crossed off – my mind would spot half a dozen new things to do – and the list – for all my running about – would just get LONGER!

So, instead of that,  I woke up and looked at my diary – nothing…absolutely nothing booked in until the evening. Hours to fill. I had no list. I had vowed not to create one.

So I did things like:  realise that I was hungry and cook myself something to eat.  Remember that my mother had been sick yesterday and so made a leisurely call to see if she was alright.

Notice the sun was sun shining and think how lovely it would be to go into the garden and enjoy it – and, when there,  spotted a couple of things I could do – which I enjoyed,  and,  gave me great satisfaction 🙂

I then I noticed my energy was flagging – I had no list to tell me of the never-ending things I was failing to do – so instead I sat down and watched some telly! Then I noticed I was hungry again – made some more food.

Had the thought that I might make sure I was well ahead of schedule – so prepared for my client. Got interrupted by a phone call – my daughter in chatty mood on the way home from work – I had lots of time, I was rested, not rushing – so I had a lovely time catching up with her.

And then it really was time to focus on the evening treatment – client arrived early – I was ready…everything went smoothly.

And when I had finished I didn’t have my usual sense of being exhausted but having achieved nothing – because my “To Do” list was as long as ever…

…because I don’t have a list …   I am free 🙂


And just so the point doesn’t get lost – this isn’t really to do with lists – it is to do with thought – and us creating our own experience out of thought – and yesterday – I created a perfect day – it really can be that simple…

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