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By Emily Mumford on August 10, 2014 in The Garden Room

I received this enthusiastic e-mail from Elizabeth after she came to see me for a colonic last week:

“Everything is great thank you. My bowel function is much improved. Since Friday, I’ve been to the loo everyday (except Sunday) usually more than once. I have no bloating either, which was probably my number one ‘gripe’ (!) I have indeed brought some Flaxseed but I have only eaten it since yesterday. I also purchased some Magnesium supplements,  and I’ve been taking those since Monday (and had no cramps since).

I have had no gluten since Friday. I don’t miss bread at all. I can clearly see that it didn’t agree with me, and I feel so well having excluded it from my diet that it simply isn’t a problem.

Something I have noticed is that I am far more alert during the evening. Typically once I have the children in bed and finished my chores, I will sit down and watch some TV; which is a real joke because I would always fall asleep! But over the past few days, I remain awake until bedtime.

I can’t thank you enough for the care and advice you’ve given me. The difference you’ve brought about is truly fantastic!

Far from keeping quiet, I’ve been telling my friends about my visit to The Garden Room. Everyone has been very interested to hear about Colonic Irrigation and the impact it’s had on me.”


She very kindly offered to write about her experience in case it might help others – this is her account:

“I’ve been curious about Colonic Irrigation for quite sometime. I have lived with what I’d refer to as a ‘temperamental’ bowel habit for years, coupled with an uncomfortable tummy; particularly in the evenings. I had become so used to feeling this way….it was a familiar pattern of symptoms.

Recently things became a little worse than I was used to. Nothing I could think of had caused this – but it was still within what symptoms were ‘normal’ for me and I wasn’t in any way worried. I thought about Colonic Irrigation again, only this time I researched it online. I found Emily Mumford at The Garden Room and after a reassuring chat on the ‘phone with Emily, I booked myself an appointment.

I arrived for my treatment and after an initial consultation, Emily began the procedure. I understood as much as I needed to know about what was happening. I felt comfortable and relaxed the entire time I was in Emily’s care.

After the procedure was completed, Emily suggested that I may suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that I should consider an alternative to wheat in my diet (our initial consultation revealed that my diet consisted of quite a lot of bread and cereals). It was an idea I embraced straightaway; I felt so comfortable after having Colonic Irrigation that it would have been short-sighted of me if I had not taken Emily’s advice.

It is now seven days since my appointment at The Garden Room and I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that having had Colonic Irrigation, coupled with the alterations I’ve made to my diet, has made a truly amazing difference. I now have no bloating, no tummy ache, and regular bowel movements.

Cutting-out bread and cereals from my diet has been no hardship in any way. It merely means I consider a little more, what I am going to eat. It’s that simple.”


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