It looks like rubbery cawliflower…

By Emily Mumford on June 11, 2014 in Emily's Personal Blog

I have a cold – and a cold sore – I feel like a have a small tingly animal on my bottom lip…

Yesterday I struggled to write a blog post – time wasn’t abundant – five treatments – each taking around two hours if you include preparation time, plus e-mails, packing – and then driving down to Kent in the evening. I was very sweaty all day – put it down to hot flushes and hot weather – lots of mopping my brow – in front of patients… not great!

And occasionally I’d think, “How do I feel?”

And then I’d think, “Not great!”

And then I’d think, “Perhaps I have stumbled on the secret of how to life a ‘successful life’ – just be so busy that I haven’t got time to notice that I feel rubbish – and just override all prompts to slow down or stop – and keep going….”

But this morning it is clear – I was going down with a cold, my immune system is struggling, and my bottom lip is burgeoning. I don’t quite know what that means, but I have had cold sores for decades – they pop up when I am run down – and when Tom asks me how it is – I always say, “Burgeoning” … unless I’ve had it over a week in which case I say, “It’s on its way out, no tingling, it’ll be gone soon”…

So my bottom lip is burgeoning – is feels totally gross – and my head feels full and heavy – but at least I know what is going on now – and I have stumbled on the answer to leading a successful life – it is just a bit tricky at the moment as my head is inhabited by alien growths.

This is, of course, bollocks. I have not stumbled on anything useful at all … but in terms of having the best time – and the best time  being determined by, “If I had that time again, would I do anything differently?” – then yes, I did have the best time. I did lots of productive useful things – and it was fine. And probably if I did it again today I would make myself iller than I need to be. But I can take things easy today – staying with my parents – and the tingly animal on my lip will be gradually processed by my immune system – and in a moment I can get up and have breakfast – that will help – not much time to eat yesterday…

And the sun is shining, and the birds are singing – my immune system is struggling but fighting – and this is what the best time looks and feels like today – and this is the most inspiring blog post I can manage – as my head is full of snot!! 🙂

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