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First colonic treatment £85

Any further colonic treatments  £75


My ultimate detox –

Liver Support treatment £105


Three colonics for £150


Three treatments to be taken within a year. Offer non-transferable.


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Today’s Feedback:


“Thank you for such a weird and wonderful experience ! 

I really appreciate your professional yet personal system.
I feel much cleaner today, my head feels clearer too, some how.”
K.S. Batley
“You were really kind and helpful, I definitely will come back for another treatment. I’m feeling good at the moment, I feel I’m able to excrete without any pain and also there is a sense of full excretion which I haven’t had before so touch wood I think things are improving.”

T.A. Leeds

Recent  feedback:

” I felt on top of the world  as you saw.  My tummy was loads better and my horrible cramps were no where near what I had been going through. 
I went to the toilet  4 days later and gone every other day so far. My gas issue has been 100% better – all in all less bloated less tummy cramps and gas.”
H.C.    Grange Moor

“I feel more alive as if a load has lifted. 

I feel wonderful after it all, definitely a good thing to do and your practice is lovely, thank you very much!”

K.S.   Castleford


“Just wanted to say thank you again, feeling great!  You’re awesome at what you do, you made me very comfortable and that was an extremely pleasant experience for what it was! Thank you!”

E.M.   Leeds

Further feedback 


 Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

• Long lasting relief from bloating, cramping, constipation,  I.B.S. and diarrhoea by re-toning and re-educating the bowel muscles

• Improves transit time – increases the frequency of bowel movements for those suffering constipation/slows and firms stools for those suffering from diarrhoea and urgency

• Re-balances gut flora – supporting digestive health and the immune system



Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, is the process of removing faeces and toxins from the colon and intestinal tract by introducing water, sometimes mixed with herbs or other liquids, into the colon via the rectum using specialist equipment.

It is estimated that 60% of faecal matter is made up of bacteria and, depending of the health of your gut, most of these could be the “bad” bacteria that we hear about on probiotic yoghurt ads.  In order to change this and nuture a colon where the majority are “good” bacteria – the bacteria that help us to digest our food and so support our health – we need more than probiotics – we need a good clearout!

What to expect

Please allow one and a half to two hours as the initial treatment includes an extensive consultation, both for relevant medical details to be taken, and for you to ask any questions before the treatment begins. I will endeavour to explain the treatment in whatever depth you need; some prefer not to know and just get on with it! Others prefer to know the ins and out before they feel ready to proceed.

IBS, Constipation and Bloating – it is in this area that I believe colonic irrigation has the most tangible benefits. It doesn’t work for everyone, but colonics can transform someone’s relationship with their bowel – I have been given this feedback over and over again.

The treatment itself takes between 45-55 minutes. Afterwards I will invite you to use the bathroom to sit on the loo. Most people release the majority of their faecal matter during the treatment, followed by some faecal matter on the loo, either way is normal. You will then return to the treatment room where we will chat for a bit and I’ll check how you are feeling, ascertain whether you passed any faecal matter in the bathroom in order to satisfy myself that the bowel has settled and that you are ready to leave. Many people are nervous about the drive home. Have no fear! I always make sure that this is never an issue.

Subsequent treatments take approximately one hour.


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