Client feedback



Recent feedback:

“I found the colonic helped massively and has settled my IBS down completely. A lot less bloated now thank you. I think the rest of the bloating to do with my diet now really. 

Thank you so much for the help!  Much appreciated .”  

A. S.   Middlestown
“I’m good been going to toilet every day since Monday.”
R.L.     Heckmondwike


“Just to let you know all is well and my stomach and movements are doing really well. Yesterday I had a little stomach ache and was a little loose but today I feel great and way less bloated. I have ordered the optibac 20 billion extra strength as I think they do help. “

R.S.      Birkenshaw




“I feel so much lighter, lost about 5lbs, and I’m telling people about it!”

B.J.     Huddersfield



I went to the loo once at home that day but then didn’t go again until Thursday morning. However, I’ve been every day since! 

I have taken the full course of probiotics and got the cytoplasm digestive enzymes (co-enzyme something or other), and took them each evening with my dinner. 

I’ve taken up all of your tips on chewing and waiting before drinking water after meals. I can now feel my body starting to work and digest food. 

So at a week out from my first ever colon hydrotherapy I feel pretty good.  Thanks again for all of your help, I will be back! ” 

R.S.  Grange Moor


“My tummy feels good. I’ve just eaten and it’s still nice and calm with no wind or pain. 


I’m so glad I’ve finally done this and I’m very grateful for your excellent knowledge and professionalism.”


B.D.  Castleford


“Just wanted to drop you and email to let you know that the treatment has done wonders for my pain and bloating, still not going to the toilet 100% but I think a few more treatments would make a massive difference!!”

O.L.  Pontefract


“It was  a pleasure  to meet you, I’m  so glad I plucked  up the courage to visit you, I was pleasantly  surprised by how quickly  I was made to feel at ease. Loved my experience  and the clinic  is so welcoming, it’s  definitely a calm  and relaxed atmosphere. Can’t wait to see how the next few days go.” 

Sumayya Mir


“There is a huge improvement on my bowel functions, I’m regular every day, at least three times a day. It’s a novelty to me, it is the first time in my life that I have been regular.
 I would like to thank you again, I actually feel  more refreshed and have slept slightly better.”

D.M.     Cleckheaton


“I am feeling a lot better since the hydrotherapy and haven’t been constipated once. After the therapy on the Friday I didn’t go to the toilet till Sunday, 2 days, since then I have been to the toilet everyday with ease. Thank you again for looking after me and I will look forward to my next visit rather than being scared.”

S.J. Pontefract



“Thanks so much for your time last week – it felt very therapeutic to discuss “my issues” as I don’t think I ever even talk about them to those closest to me (with a just get on with it mentality!!)


I have felt AMAZING since I saw you. I slept like a baby the first night and I have had so much energy.  I have also been able to go to the toilet every day since (sometimes several times) – which is a real rarity for me. For the first time in ages I am trying to listen to those cues that my body gives me when I need to go, it’s like seeing you was the reset I needed!”

R.C.      Earlsheaton

“Thank you for asking as I was wanting to email you myself. I want to thank you ever so much for being the reason my bowel is now cleaned out and I feel so energetic and light. And an extra thank you for being the reason I now am able to go to the toilet to open my bowel. 
I did feel as if I needed to go to the toilet the  first two three days. It was a big relief as it did manage to open my bowel the four day.
So thank you once again. If ever I do experience anything like that again, I sure will know where to turn.”

S. L.  Dewsbury


“Hi Emily, was meaning to email you. From my experience I would certainly recommend having a colonic. I feel so much better and everything seems to be working well.  I would definitely do it again if I felt the need to and I would highly recommend you.”

H.K.   Wakefield


“Not so much bloating, took about 4 days to get back to normality , frequency a little better.”

W.Y.  Mirfield


“I am following the diet excluding dairy, using Oatly as substitute for milk. 
My stomach has been better so far – will stick to plan.
I am pleased with progress so far! Hope it continues.”

A.W.   Kirkburton

“I have been feeling great thank you.
I have been going regularly every day since Monday which is amazing and have been trying to consciously  slow down with my eating.
My belly feels flatter and I had lost 3lb when I got on the scales.
Thanks once again.”

M.J.  Ossett


I feel so much better! Everything is pretty much back to normal, and the dairy free is on track.”

A.J. Kirstall


“Much better, thank you. I’ve been able to go to the toilet, not every day but certainly more than I was. I don’t feel as bloated anymore either. “

K.W.   Earlsheaton


“Sleep hasn’t changed for me it’s still pretty poor, I haven’t tried to find a bread substitute yet, but I have just stopped eating bread altogether and adopted the diet you advised. I’ve had a lot of fish this week. My stomach is much flatter, so I feel some of the bloating may have passed. Internally it still feels like something isn’t quite right but I don’t visibly seem to be as bloated.” 

C.M.    Heckmondwike


“We just wanted to say we had a great experience. You were very professional and friendly with it. We felt so comfortable with you, your knowledge, expertise and the treatment.

I am recommending my mum who gets irritable bowel.

Thanks again”

J.M.   Horbury 


“I’m very good thanks yes I feel my bowels have a much better movement. I don’t feel as bloated and going to the toilet a lot more.”

S.S.   Dewsbury


“It was really good to meet you. What a lovely place you have. It was a great result as well, so I later did the flush which was easier than the time before. Phew! I doubt my stomach has ever looked so flat. Shame I wasn’t off swimming or hol…so it definitely helped with the bloating.”

J.G. Halifax,



“It was great to meet you and I’d just like to say how impressed I was with your professional set-up and kind, understanding manner!


You’ll be pleased to learn that my tummy has been behaving itself and I’ve been having regular bowel movements since!  The first one being the following day after my treatment “



“Thank you so much, I feel fantastic and my dress fits much better now.

Must admit I did feel a bit rough till the following day then I felt great.

Many thanks”


“I felt great after the treatment, had the best nights sleep ever!  Thank you so much :)”


“I’ve been a lot better – I haven’t had any issues since the treatment, it seems to have helped so I’m very happy. I haven’t taken the digestive enzymes since either and haven’t felt the need to. So it definitely helped me. “


“So far I would say there’s definitely been an improvement – although it took a few days for any result,  but then got better,  and,  considering I have been away that’s great. As usually I would be far worse when on holiday. 

 Fingers crossed it continues, I will keep trying to increase the flax seeds and water and will book an appointment when I can to see about my diet. 

 Many thanks for your help and I will keep you updated.” 


“I have to say that I am finding chewing a very new and rewarding experience.

 I have been every day since the irrigation and they are nice healthy logs. I can’t believe that it was something so simple that has helped me. It takes me ages to eat my dinner now though but I never get a food baby so something is working.

 Thank you very much for the advice and the service. I would recommend it to anyone!”


“I have noticed that I’m not so bloated or unsettled. I have also completely cut the sugary drinks from my diet which has made a big difference.”


“I was planning to get in touch with you myself – so it’s lovely to hear from you. 

 I certainly felt cleansed and much less bloated for a few days afterwards, so I’m glad I had the treatment. 

 Thanks for your email, and following up. I feel far less bloated after my very indulgent start to the year, and am sure that your treatment has done the trick!”


“It appears to be going very well so far thank you! Definitely better than before. Fingers crossed it stays this way! 

Thank you so much”


“I felt absolutely fine on Saturday, no bloating. I haven’t managed to go again but you said that wasn’t uncommon.

I have been having the flaxseeds with my porridge, thank you very much for letting me have them to try.

As you say, it was rather eventful on Friday but I wouldn’t be anti coming back and trying again. “


“Thanks for asking! It was lovely to meet you too, you made something that could have felt like the most awkward , embarrassing thing seem actually ok and easier than anything I’d geared myself up for.”


” I walked back to the station my body felt lovely and my tummy felt more settled than it had in a long time, so I knew the treatment had been good for me . The memory of signing that form still makes me laugh. There are few forms I vividly remember signing but I think I’ll remember that one.

 I wasn’t expecting a miracle cure, more like a a re-set button to hit after a particularly bad couple of weeks. I’ve had some bloating back since, but talking with you also really brought into focus for me that my approach to sorting my diet and bloating/constipation issues has got sprawling, chaotic.


As we talked through the points it pulled a bigger general picture into view in quite a calm way – I was probably going round in circles without realizing it. It stopped me just reaching for the next thing and the next thing.  I haven’t made consistent, coherent changes to my diet for a while partly because before it had been my under-active thyroid that was the main culprit, rather than food. Now I think that the thyroid stuff was/ is an underlying cause but my lifestyle now isn’t helping my digestive system and also grappling in 20 different directions at once for a solution isn’t very bright either. 

 Having had the treatment  does make you feel like this is good moment to hit reset on a few things. I’ve decided for now to just keep an eye on fibre more consistently, and to reduce but not completely exclude gluten. Otherwise I’m keeping my diet pretty inclusive and generally open, until I know for sure that any particular food group is a culprit for me. I want to go to the nutritionist you told me about, but I think I’ll get the most out of that when I’ve stuck to a more solid routine for a while and kept a food diary.

 In short, though, I did get what I came for. Your place is lovely and homely and calm. The points we talked through helped bring some clarity and coherence into my chattery, chaotic mind. And whilst nobody is ever going to shout from the rooftops that they just had colonic hydrotherapy, I would quietly recommend it and if the conversation was in Norfolk I’d tell them to google you like I did. The videos of you and real life people who’ve had the treatment helped me over the line from thinking about it again to actually doing it.


Really lovely to hear from you x Thanks again” 


“All good thank you. No bloating at all since, so it’s definitely helped. Thank you very much.”


Previous feedback:

“I have been sticking to everything you told me to do – and I have been to the loo every day!  I did try a bread roll – but started to bloat immediately – so I didn’t do that again!  My hair and nails are so much better! I have felt ill for so long – it’s fantastic!! Going to the loo everyday – it’s like a dream come ture – I can’t tell you how much it means to me!”


“Thanks. I knew you’d be straight with me and professional as always, for which I am grateful.”


“I am feeling absolutely fine and I had a weight loss of 2 pounds and considering I haven’t been very good this week I was pleased with that.

It was lovely to meet you and you made me feel very at ease.”


“Hello Emily yes I got what I came for thanks,It was a strange experience but glad I had it done, I was certainly buzzing the following week.Still getting that bad taste in my mouth at night that wakes me up every night .Have now started eating really healthy and i’m gearing up to do a liver cleanse soon to see if that will help with that bad taste in mouth.

many thanks”


“I felt a huge pressure had been taken off my guts after I left you.  It took 4 days for me to pass anything I was getting a little worried! Seeing the nutritionist next week – on to the next stage of healing my gut!”


“Hi Emily, it’s taken me back to a clean slate I feel, its a bit sensitive still up there but I def feel less bloated thank you! I didn’t have to wait that long for motions were great, thank you.”


” Emily,
Thank you for making my first colonic hydrotherapy treatment a very positive experience.
Your clinic is a very relaxing environment,  while still maintaining that reassurance of being a hygienic clinical work place.
You put me at ease throughout my appointment from the greeting to the goodbying!    Your gentle manner and in depth knowledge are a fantastic recipe.
Excellent care post treatment.
Thank you”


” I feel much more awake, I have much more energy!”


“Hi Emily

I felt so much better for a few days after the treatment but now I’m quite gassy again, but I haven’t totally adopted the FODMAPS diet yet so only have myself to blame.  

Thank-you for your help. You made me feel very comfortable during the treatment and I think it has clarified the fact that this is all about diet. Sign posting me towards the FODMAPS is really positive,  thanks again.”


“Hi Emily                        

I’m doing good thank you,  only went one day without passing, been regular since,  not feeling so bloated either so thank you. ”       


“Hi Emily,
I’ve been feeling excellent thank you! No bowel movement yet. I’ve been feeling genuinely energized and cleansed. No nausea.
Maybe I’ll come back!”


“Hi Emily 

I feel great much lighter !! Bowels opened today first time !!

I got what I came for and will book again I am off to Nottingham next week for a few weeks once I am back I will ring to book again.

Thank you “


“Hi Emily,

Apart from the day after the treatment, I’ve had no issues whatsoever. I’m going to the toilet regularly and haven’t had any constipation issues. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to help and for showing such an interest after the treatment.”


“Hi Emily, 

 Well my homework list was big from you!  So I have upped my water intake and decreased my dairy intake although not completely cut out yet. I am working on it. I have also changed how I eat my fruit at lunch time. Not sure I have sorted the chewing part but it is work in progress too. 

 As for the IBS. I am really pleased to say the pain has stopped since I have seen you and the bloating is much better.  I haven’t had any for a while. I’m not sure if it’s your treatment but I am also sleeping better too and don’t feel as lethargic but more tired, in a natural way rather than feeling lethargic if that makes sense. 

 I have certainly taken on board what you have told me and am trying really hard to stick to it.  I won’t rule out coming to see you again either as I think the treatment has done me the world of good. My skin is the best it has been in years too,  was it you that did that?”

“Hi Emily,

I’ve been absolutely fine thanks.

The soreness lasted a couple of days and the wind was only on the night of the treatment.  I went to the toilet in the morning on the very next day… twice and perfectly normally.  None of the sponginess, just as it should be and it’s been the same since.

We’ve been very busy recently and I’ve been rather tired, but interestlingly enough quite perky and clear headed, so something’s definitely changed.

I don’t feel as swollen and I am still excercising every day, so hopefully my middle will start to tighten up again with time!

I’ve been considering what I’ve been putting in my tum even more since, although tonight my friend is cooking for me which usually means some sort of cheese, so we’ll see what occurs after that.

Thanks for everything, take care Emily and I shall be spreading the word!”


“I now find it much easier to twist and certainly feel less bloated”


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