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Will colonic irrigation help me?

Colonic irrigation works with the body’s natural reflexes and so it is impossible to predict the outcome.

Will the treatment clear the colon?

Only one in every 200 or so people I treat will not achieve a satisfactory evacuation and may need to come back for a second treatment. So if you are coming to clear the colon because you are constipated, or you are coming to support the body detoxing, you should get exactly the result you hoped for. I would expect that the treatment will release faecal matter from the entire length of the colon (approximately five feet long).

What happens to the bacteria in the colon?

When the matter is released, with it will be billions of ‘bad’ bacteria – this is bacteria that builds up in everyone’s colon over time and hinders, rather than helps, optimum functioning of the colon. Beneficial bacteria may be lost during a treatment, but there will be a colony of these vital, beneficial bacteria left in the mucous lining and – once your colon is lovely and clear – they will leap into action,  and multiply until they are back up to their usual numbers – within 48 hours. One result I would expect to achieve through a colonic treatment is a rebalancing of the gut flora: the bacteria in the colon.

Will it help with other health problems?

If you have other health problems (e.g. headaches, skin problems, PMS, immune problems) and have heard that colonics might help – then my advice would be that if you have these problems and your digestive system works perfectly then probably colonic irrigation will not make any difference. If you have a health issue AND your bowel is not functioning well then colonic irrigation may be helpful, but there are always exceptions. I recently treated someone with a serious incurable condition who had been advised to come for a colonic. I had no sense that a colonic would be particularly beneficial – but this person was happy to take the other practitioner’s advice and come for treatment.  During the consultation they described the way their bowel functioned and it was extraordinarily healthy in every way, and I felt even more doubtful that much would be gained. This person, however, came in looking really quite unwell and feeling tired and listless, and left after the treatment with a spring in their step and a grin on their face, so it is impossible to predict.

The condition that I have had the most dramatic and positive results with is IBS – I have had so many people feedback to me that one treatment has completely changed the functioning of their bowel and, in many cases, transformed their life. That said, I emphasise again, it does not work for everyone.


How long will the benefits last?

This again is impossible to predict and will be affected by the following factors: diet (especially if the individual has an intolerance to certain food(s) and continues to eat them), health, stress, medication and lifestyle.

I once had an individual who came to me with IBS – during the consultation it emerged that they were under appalling financial stress; were hardly eating anything; and were breaking new records in daily consumption of alcohol and tobacco. When their bowel returned to its old pattern of loose urgent stools a couple of weeks after the treatment, they were disappointed – they wondered if they needed to get tested for food intolerances – I repeated, gently, what I had said during the pre-treatment consultation, that, personally, I didn’t think there was any great mystery as to why their bowels were not functioning well – and that food intolerance testing, in my opinion, would be a waste of money.  Sometimes the reason our bowel is not happy is due to stress and diet, and unless these things are addressed a colonic can only do so much…

Will it be embarrassing?

So far I have had unanimous feedback that people who were apprehensive about this have found it remarkably straightforward and easy; all their fears around this have turned out to be groundless. Most people have some concerns around this and I take great care to make sure that this does not become an issue.

Does it hurt?

The official answer to this question – that I was taught when training –  is “you may experience some easily tolerated minor discomfort that will soon pass”. After practising for several years now I know this is not always the case, but during those years I have met – for instance – a woman who regularly used to pass out with pain when she passed a bowel movement.

So… my answer  to this question is this: if you are someone who experiences pain or cramping that you attribute to your digestive system, then you may experience pain or cramping during the treatment – as the treatment works with the body’s natural evacuating reflexes. BUT, you will not experience anything worse than you would normally, and the discomfort should end once the treatment is over. The occasional person experiences some tenderness or discomfort after the treatment but this rarely lasts more than 24 hours.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment itself takes about 35-45 minutes, but people are usually with me for an hour and a half as I will need to ask questions about your medical history, diet, bowel function. I also allow plenty of time to explain the procedure and for you to ask any questions; and I allow time after the treatment to discuss what to eat and what to expect over the next few days.

I advise people to allow two hours – so that if anything takes a bit longer, we won’t feel we need to rush.

Can I drive afterwards and continue my usual activities?

Yes you will be absolutely fine to drive home afterwards even if your journey is several hours! You are advise not to undertake strenuous exercise involving the abdominal muscles for 24 hours – so no weight lifting – but swimming is probably fine.

I hope this helps, but please do get in touch if your question is not answered here.


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