My spinning kitchen

The great thing about my kitchen is that it appears to be spinning… when at school – in physics lessons, I presume, I learnt about centrifugal force – where something would spin and then everything would flow outwards – if you span a drum everything in the drum would then stick to the inside of the drum – when I was first married I had a salad spinner that worked on this principle…

Well this morning – cleaning my house for my meditation group – they have no idea what I have to go through to get the place presentable before they arrive in… arrgghh… just under an hour – quick blog post!!  But the great thing is that my kitchen floor only seems to be dirty and covered in bits of food, dead flies etc. around the perimeter – which means – in my head – that my kitchen is spinning 🙂


In conversation with one of my daughters recently,  I was asserting something – that,  as it came out of my mouth,  I realised was nonsense – and as I looked at her face – I realised was not just nonsense but absolutely ludicrous… and in response to this I found myself saying, “Well when I Googled it in my head that I was what I found…”

So the question, “Did you Google that in your head Mum?” has now become part of Mumford family parlance – whenever I say anything that raises an eyebrow, stretches their incredulity…

So today – as time is at a premium – there are now about 45 minutes before the first ring at the door – I will leave you with two images – my spinning kitchen – don’t you wish you had one! – so quick to wipe round! … and my head… with my very own Google… supplying me with answers to those knotty questions that perplex us all… 🙂

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