4 Questions:



Firstly,  four questions I would ask you:

  1. Have you been suffering for quite a while?
  2. Has the N.H.S. failed to offer you anything that has solved the problem?
  3. Are you someone who would push a friend or family member to try it but somehow when it comes to your own needs you don’t give yourself that permission?
  4. What would your life be like if colonics were the thing that worked? The thing that helped? The answer?




Four questions I would ask before booking a treatment:

  1. What are the therapist’s qualifications, and what professional association(s) do they belong to?
  2. How long have they been practising, and do they just specialise in colonics – or is it just one of many things they turn their hand to?
  3. Are they insured, inspected and regulated?
  4. How long do they allow for each appointment?



My answers to these questions.


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