I’ve had a funny month…

By Emily Mumford on October 28, 2019 in The Garden Room

Do you ever have one of those times where it feels that for every step forward – you take a step back – or even fall flat on your face?!  I feel like I have had a month of those!

During the last month I have had one cracked basin that needed repair, I have needed to be rescued twice in one day due to my daughter’s dodgy battery connection, we have had two leaking ceilings ( different rooms, two weeks apart) , another flat battery (different car) … and … I went smack into the back  of someone (in semi-at-a-standstill traffic) – entirely my own fault …

Lots and lots of lovely things have happened too – SUCH kindness from my lovely painter and decorator, Sarah,  who with the help of her brother and the wonderful Josh, got me a new basin 🙂

the wonderful Steve from Premier Autos in Thornhill who has come to our rescue over dodgy batteries three times in less than a week;

and the lovely man and his girlfriend whose car I smashed into – who got me to sit down in their car as I was shaking too much to write down contact details etc.

And happy times with family, happy times with clients – I laughed sooo much last week 🙂


So what started as a blog post about “getting through the grotty bits” and managing stress – to limit the impact on our health – and in particular our digestion 🙂   seems to have turned into noticing how kind and supportive and understanding so many people have been to me over the last month. I am also noticing how many people have been there for me – people I know – and several complete strangers 🙂

So maybe I will just end this post by saying THANK YOU to all those people who have helped me this month, and thank you to all those people who I just know are going to be there for me in the future  – because people are really nice 🙂   Thank you.



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