“Doctor in the House”

You may, or may not,  have noticed but there have been two – very similar reality TV programmes over the last two or three weeks. They both involve doctors coming to stay with families and helping them with health issues. In one the doctor was there for three days, in the other he stays with them on and off for over a month.

I have found these programmes very striking for two reasons –

one: it takes time – much longer than the 10 minutes allocated to GPs in a busy surgery – to really find out what is going on in the life and health of the average person – and to build a relationship where that person is prepared to put themselves out and follow advice – and this was shown very powerfully in all the programmes;

and two: although these doctors have access to blood tests and other gadgetry that I don’t have ( though none of them offered colonics! 🙂 )   – the actual remedies for what ailed the different family members all boiled down to diet, food supplements, exercise, and reducing stress. And that is exactly what I offer.

I may not offer to stay in my clients’ houses – but I do offer generously long consultation sessions before I treat people so that I have more sense of what is going on – and can tailor treatments accordingly – AND – I am always happy to stay in contact afterwards and give advice and support.

So…. inspired by the “Doctor in the House” programme – and if you haven’t seen it the last episode is this Thursday 3rd December on BBC1 at 9pm – or catch up on iPlayer….

….I have decided to join together with my dear friend and colleague, Kerry Osborne, to offer something different and new…


In the New Year we are going to offer a six week course for people who have come to us for consultations – so that means some people may have had colonics with me and some nutritional advice,  and some people may have had a full nutritional consultation and intolerance testing with Kerry (or both) –

and over those six weeks the two of us will offer support to help people get their lives back into balance.

I will be offering meditation and other techniques to reduce stress – and Kerry will offer more information on diet, healthy eating and how digestions works and how we can heal our gut.

We have decided to limit our group to  6-8 people at a time – so we have enough people for the group to be lively and have different personalities and different issues – but not too large – as we want everyone to have a chance to speak and share – and get individual advice if they need it.

Making changes in your life is difficult – and not easy to do alone; not something that happens instantly; and for lasting change you need a multifaceted approach – which is why we are offering this opportunity – do come and be part of it!

If you would be interested in joining us for a six week course – do e-mail me or ring me.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


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