Castor oil packs: a nurturing treat for your liver!

I just thought I would explain what a castor oil pack is for those of you not familiar with them!

A castor oil pack is like a compress – it is a folded piece of unbleached cotton that is saturated with castor oil. This is then placed over the liver – upper abdomen, right side – and then a hot water bottle or warm wheat pack is put on top to create a source of heat.

So, if chose to add a castor oil pack to your colonic treatment, the first 20 minutes or so of the session will involve you lying on your back with the castor oil pack on your tummy. I will cover you with blankets to keep you warm and then leave you just to relax and let the castor oil do its work. As you lie there your body will absorb the castor oil. Castor oil has been used for healing the body for centuries – and theories as to why it is healing to the body, range from straight forward explanations to do with absorbing oil and this stimulating bile (produced by the liver and part of the liver’s own rebalancing)  to slightly more “new age” theories to do with light and consciousness. 

After 20 minutes of relaxing, I will return and we will do the colonic – most people really like the pack and so stay on their sides cuddling the hot water bottle for the rest of the treatment. Although I never guarantee that the body will react in any particular way – we usually get a particularly copious and comfortable release from the colon – which always makes me happy!

The cost of the castor oil pack is £17 on top of the £85 for the treatment and will lengthen the treatment by about 25 minutes – so you people coming for their first session will probably be with me for nearly two hours.

I am currently offering a liver support package – a “double whammy” – combining a castor oil pack, a colonic and then winding up with a coffee enema – three ways to support your liver in one treatment – see my Special Offers page for details.

Spring and Summer are the time for raw foods, juicing and other robust detoxing techniques – this Autumn and Winter why not try supporting your body by taking care of your liver by trying one, or both, of my two favourite techniques: a castor oil pack and a coffee enema!



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