Candida – and how colonics help

I have just been asked about the role that colonics have in reducing an overgrowth of candida.  Candida, or candida albicans to give it its full name,  is a yeast or fungus that lives in our gut.

If we have a healthy diet and everything is functioning well then candida doesn’t cause a problem. But – if we eat a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates;  if we are stressed;  if our immune system is depleted – then we can develop a candida overgrowth – called candidiasis.

Common manifestations of candida overgrowth are found in the mouth and vaginal – and are usually referred to as thrush. There many and varied symptoms attributed to candidiasis – and not everyone agrees!

The focus of this post is to focus on the role that colonics can play in the treatment and reduction of a proliferation of candida in the gut.  All problems with candida start with an overgrowth in the gut – and then spread outwards – typically causing problems in the mouth, vagina and skin.

The treatment of candidiasis has five stages:

1 )  Deprive the candida of the foods it thrives on – foods that lead to rapid multiplication of its fungal spores – to reduce the amount of candida in the gut.

2 )  Accelerate this process by using anti-fungals to kill off  the candida yeast.

3 )  KEEP THINGS MOVING through the gut to expel excess and dead candida.

4 )  Re-balance and heal the gut as candida returns to normal healthy levels.


Colonics have a role to play in  No.3 –  KEEPING THINGS MOVING.


One of the vital things when treating candidiasis is to keep the “bowel transit time” under 24 hours. Bowel transit time is the length of time it takes from swallowing food to the time it leaves our body as it drops into the loo 🙂     The classic way to establish bowel transit time is to make sure one doesn’t eat sweetcorn for a week and then eat some,  make a note of the time,  and then see when it comes out in your stool – simple, but accurate!   Most people will struggle  to pass the 24 hour target.


Constipation and candidiasis is a dreadful combination! Not only will it hamper efforts to bring candida down to healthy levels – but for those successfully causing the candida spores to die in large numbers, they will have a whole new problem – “die off”.

Die off is when bacteria, fungi, yeasts die in large numbers. 

When this happens the body gets clogged up with all these dead microbes. Your body will eventually get rid of them  – but as they hang around waiting to be expelled they create new problems, new symptoms.

So the reason that colonics can make a significant contribution to the treatment of candida is that:

1 )  They ease constipation and can improve bowel transit time.

2 )  They flush out waste matter from the colon – including dead microbes.

3)   Through the elimination of waste, dead microbes, toxins – a colonic allows the bowel to get back into balance.  This enables beneficial bacteria,  that reside in the mucous lining of the colon,  to recolonise the colon creating a healthy internal environment where pathogens are kept in check 🙂

And as I give everyone a 7 day course of probiotics  which will regulate the microbes in the gut post treatment  – and I specialise in gentle but extremely thorough colonics – a treatment with me should leave you with a lovely cleansed colon and the perfect opportunity to go forward and foster a healthy microbiome 🙂

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